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The hotly anticipated Rust Bundle expansion to our Panton type family has arrived, including the main event Panton Rust and its confided in accomplice Panton Script Rust. Turn over your motors and prepare for 72 text styles, assembled into five loads going from SemiBold to Heavy, and incorporating various Base mixes with various Shadows and Grunge Textures.

The majority of the above is likewise a piece of the going with Panton Rust Script, whose common stream is additionally stressed with explicitly balanced Contextual Alternates. The rundown of OpenType highlights wouldn’t be finished without limitations, figures, parts, bosses and inferiors, numerators and denominators, just as forbidden numerals for Panton Rust.

The Rust Bundle incorporates Extended Latin and Cyrillic inclusion, offering help for in excess of 130 dialects. This handmade bundle was made to realize true and unique vintage type, making it particularly appropriate for any structure that discusses craftsmanship, a grand human touch, and a develop signature with irrefutable flavor


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