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Sort out your envelopes all the more effectively

Don’t you realize how to change standard yellow organizer to a brilliant and splendid one? With FolderIco, give some shading to Windows envelopes. With only a single tick, colorize your envelopes, and find another natural method to arrange your documents. A brisk look is presently enough to recognize the organizer you are searching for!

Group your envelopes by need

You would now be able to group your organizers by need. Red is a significant envelope, orange is critical, green is no activity required… Choose the properties that you like, so you’ll never erase a significant organizer in blunder.

A quick and light instrument

FolderIco is a light programming, that doesn’t remain in memory. It utilizes a local usefulness of Windows to be increasingly productive. Find its straightforwardness: with a solitary right-click on an envelope you change it symbol!

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